Latinos & the Criminal Justice System

Multi-year project in collaboration with Californians for Safety and Justice to conduct research on Latinos and the criminal justice system, focusing on disparities, Latino public opinion & perception, and Latino experiences with crime. In addition to the research, TRPI and Californians for Safety and Justice hosted a 3-part event series at USC on criminal justice issues at the state and local level.

Mexican Migration Monitor

The Mexican Migration Monitor is a digital publication produced in collaboration with El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF). The Monitor presents timely information from a variety of sources on migration flows between the United States and Mexico. The Monitor’s approach is to assess a variety of individual indicators that offer insights into the pace of this migration. The publication launched in October 2012 and received extensive media coverage in the U.S. and Mexico.

Language Access in Healthcare

A multi-year project with the support of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. This project will review key literature, consult specialists in the field, and observe hospital practices with the goal of illuminating the best and most promising practices for improving language access in a hospital setting. The focus of the study will be to better understand the current efforts being taken to improve language access and to reach some conclusions about the impact and effectiveness of these measures.

Resources for Immigrant Service Providers

With the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, TRPI has created a series of online microsites of curated research and up-to-date information on topics relevant to immigrant service providers. The microsite format provides the content in a dynamic, searchable, and readily updated digital publication, designed for wide public dissemination. Topics covered include: Language Access & Civics Instruction, Access & Use of Technology, Access & Use of Financial Services, Notario Fraud, and Driver’s Licenses for the unauthorized.

Economic Turmoil and Demographic Change: A Decade of Migrations in Three Western Metros

Over the past decade, the cycle of boom, bust and recovery has rendered profound changes in the populations of America’s metropolitan areas, and the trends are starkly evident in the nation’s west. This project is in collaboration with the Brookings Institution and will enlist local scholars and analysts to tell the stories of three metros that illustrate the interplay of economic turmoil and demographic change in the era of the Great Recession.

Harry Pachon Research Award

The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute with the support of the Haynes foundation support individual and student research through Harry Pachon Research Awards. In 2013, TRPI supported eleven graduate students through Harry Pachon research awards, including: Allison Noyes, a Ph.D. Candidate at USC to support her thesis and research on language ecology; a group of five USC Master’s of Public Policy students for travel to Mexico to conduct interviews for their practicum project; and to a group of five graduate students from the Price School of Public Policy to help fund travel to Cuba for a directed research project. More information.