Children of DAPA

Providing key evidence in the federal court battle over President Obama’s executive action on immigration, this joint USC/UCLA report assess research from many fields about the impact of growing up with an unauthorized immigrant parent and the life-altering benefits of legalization. The report was published April 6, 2015 in conjunction with the filing of an amicus brief by educational organizations and children’s rights advocates who utilized the report to argue that the public interest and fairness are best served by safeguarding the American children of unauthorized immigrants.
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Digital Publication Directory

A university research center born of the digital age, the Tomás Rivera Policy Center (TRPI) has produced the USC Media Curator, an online publishing platform designed to bring together innovative research from across the University of Southern California and beyond. TRPI has used the media curator to publish individual microsites on a variety of topic areas such as immigrant legal services, latinos and the criminal justice system, U.S.- Mexico relations, and demographic diversity. View full list of digital publications

The Oncoming Latino Vote

An analysis of the Latino population under 18 years of age, displayed on an interactive map. In context of the 2012 presidential election, where according to the National Election Exit Poll, Latinos cast one of every ten votes in the 2012 presidential election. The results show that the simple passage of time alone will double Latino’s potential power at the polls over the course of the next four presidential election cycles. View interactive map

Does Residence in an Ethnic Community Help Immigrants in a Recession?

Featured working paper submitted for publication by USC’s Lusk Center for Real Estate. Authors: Pengyu Zhu, Cathy Yang Liu and Gary Painter. Download PDF

Writing Immigration: Scholars and Journalists in Dialogue

Writing Immigration presents a unique interplay of leading scholars and journalists working on the contentious topic of immigration. more information and to purchase

We see all immigrants as legal or illegal. Big mistake.

TRPI’s Director, Roberto Suro, recent op ed published in the Washington Post. full article

Research Archives

TRPI is the successor to the think tank of the same name that for 25 years promoted informed policy making on issues affecting Latino communities. research archives

Election Coverage Analysis

Content analysis of the Univision network’s flagship news broadcast from the Sunday before the Republican National Convention until the Saturday after the election. Download PDF